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Welcome Our New Writer!

So it's no secret that MM has been conducting an extensive search for new writers over the past few weeks: we're still interested in new writers, and we'd love to hear from you (please send a cover letter, a resumé and a writing sample to managingmadrid [at] gmail [dot] com).

It's with great pleasure that I'd like to announce the first addition to our staff since last spring: this is a person you've all interacted with, you've all seen around here for a long time, and you've all probably lost an argument to. And this is a person that Lucas and I have been recruiting for some time now: please join me in welcoming our very own Ireland26 to the writing staff of Managing Madrid!

We're very excited to have Ireland joining us, and can't wait to see the way the site takes shape over the next few months. We're looking to make some substantial changes to the site makeup, and we're always, always looking for interesting writers. So, if you haven't applied yet, please consider it.

In the meantime, welcome Ireland26 to Managing Madrid!

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