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Video: Previewing Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona

For those of you who are uninitiated, SBNation has a fantastic YouTube channel, where they post interesting videos analyzing upcoming matches, covering all sports and a very wide range of topics. It's an incredibly cool project, SBNation Video, and we're lucky to have people like Ryan Rosenblatt, a colleague of mine on's North America Editor--in the booth to preview Real Madrid vs. Barcelona.

In this video, Ryan previews the clash, touching on all the major narratives: the transfers, last year's results, all the unfinished business between the two sides, and the re-emergence of the Lionel Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo rivalry. It's a good watch, and at only 3:30, it won't consume your day--even though I know how much you'd all like that (and not just because Ryan's a handsome dude #gotyourbackbro).

I encourage you all to check out the video (below), and then subscribe to SBNation's YouTube channel, follow SBNation Soccer on Twitter, and, of course, follow Managing Madrid on twitter @managingmadrid.

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