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Official: Ángel Di María Extends His Contract Until 2018

Ángel Di María in a photo via

Real Madrid seems to want to renew every player's contract, and this time it's Ángel Di María's turn. Di María will be player for the Bernabéu team until 2018 with presumably a salary raise as well. The Argentinian winger has proved himself to be one of Real Madrid's best playmakers who can shake things up whenever the team needs it, and there's no doubt that, if he's healthy, Mourinho is not considering starting anyone else at the right wing position.

Moreover, his incredible work rate allows the team to defend with one more man in the midfield even though he plays upfront. Gabe summarized Di María's skills a couple of months ago.

This is a very good move for the club, and a deserved one for El Fideo.

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