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Real Madrid Vs. Granada, Liga BBVA 2012: Madrid Seeks First Three Points Of The Season

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Real Madrid will try today (19:50 CET) to get the first win in la Liga against Granada. The Andalusian team managed to avoid relegation last year, and they are currently tied with Mourinho's team after a loss against Rayo in the first fixture and a draw against Sevilla in the second.

Granada shouldn't be a very hard team to beat, Mourinho could give some playing time to Michael Essien and Luka Modric. Both players need to feel comfortable on the pitch, and this could be the perfect game for that. Real Madrid's next game will be in two weeks due to FIFA fixtures, so Mourinho might as well give Modric and Essien the starting spots since Croatia and Ghana might do it anyway. Xabi Alonso never gets any rest with Spain's National Team, so Mourinho should rest him today after the tough second game of the Supercup this past Wednesday.

Mourinho, however, might prefer not to take any risks and start the players he feels more comfortable with so far and then introduce some substitutions. After all, Real Madrid really needs to beat Granada--they can't risk it.

Kaká is on the team's list, and according to Marca, Mourinho is happy with his performance in the training sessions so far. But that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. If Mourinho is so happy with him, why has he been stuck to the stands the past three games? It's true that the situation has changed now, and the Brazilian player might not leave Real Madrid until winter or even next summer, so Kaká might finally be on the bench today instead of watching the game from Bernabéu's stands. Will Mourinho trust him if the game doesn't go so well? It's probably too early to say.

It'll also be interesting to see which striker Mourinho choses to start today. Higuaín has won his battle against Benzema, but he has also missed some very good chances. Benzema will need to start playing at his best if he doesn't want to lose the spot he earned last season. Since Granada will be a defensive-minded team, the best choice would be Benzema, whose playmaking skills are certainly better than Higuaín's.

One way or another, Real Madrid will need to be completely focused on this game after the last success with the Supercup title, if they don't want to end up losing three more points.

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