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Real Madrid, Mourinho Sue Marca Reporter

Alex Livesey - Getty Images

There's a thin line between criticizing a coach and verbally abusing him. It's obvious that the Spanish press doesn't like Mourinho. The reason is unclear, but they are probably unhappy since the players aren't conceding any interviews and Real Madrid is a team is much more closed-off from the press now.

This time, the Portuguese coach is suing Marca's Roberto Palomar. The journalist wrote the following in the tabloid's pages:

Mourinho is that kind of person that runs away whenever he runs over a person with his car.

That's crossing the line. A couple of months before, Mourinho also sued El País' Carlos Boyero, for calling Mourinho a "Portuguese Nazi".

At first, it seemed as though Real Madrid wouldn't protect Mourinho against these attacks, but the club released an official statement on Thursday that rejected a tweet by former Barcelona's Vice-President Alfons Godall.

Dreadful celebration by the psycho as if he was a player. That's to balance the frustration of how he sucked when he played...

It's good that both the club and Mourinho have started taking action. Maybe, for once, the Spanish press will stop insulting Real Madrid's coach.

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