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Rayo Vallecano Vs. Real Madrid, La Liga 2012 Match Thread: Hang In There!

This is not the easiest game to play when you're looking to save your season. But maybe that's a good thing for Madrid.

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This is not the easiest game to play when you want to rebound from a disappointing start to the Liga 2012 season. Vallecas always puts up a tough challenge for big teams. The pitch is small, and both the crowd and the team press their rivals.

It's difficult to guess what lineup Mourinho will be starting tonight, but the most intriguing choices will probably be the left center back and the striker. Given how good Varane was against Manchester City, Mourinho might want to give him a deserved second chance, but leaving Ramos on the bench for the second game in a row could be too much for the Spanish press to handle.

Benzema should also feature on the lineup. The French man scored a brilliant goal against City, and Higuaín was poor at converting his chances once again. Modric starting alongside Xabi Alonso at Vallecas doesn't seem very likely either, so Khedira should be in, leaving Modric and Özil fighting for the #10 spot.

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