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Managing Madrid United Coming Soon

Ladies and gentlement: it's with great pleasure, and immense responsibility that I present to you the next step in the SBNation makeover that will have Managing Madrid spinning the way you've never seen it. We're announcing a whole lineup of new, wonderful changes--the logo you can see on our twitter feed is only the beginning.

The whole user experience is getting a facelift: the site will load faster, content will be easier to access, it'll be prettier, sleeker, and, best of all, able to pull content from any one of our hundreds of partner sites and hubs.

I know you've all known about SBNation United for a while now. It's no secret. But get really ready. Because in the next few days, something magic is going to happen on this website.

That's all for now folks. Enjoy the rest of the night off--and revel in Madrid's win while watching my beloved Packers stink up the MNF audience.

Hala Madrid, and big changes await.

Hold your breath!

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