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Real Madrid vs. Millonarios: 2012 Santiago Bernabéu Trophy On The Line

Real Madrid take on Millonarios in the Santiago Bernabéu trophy today. While it doesn't seem very appropriate to load the players' schedule (they seem tired as is, and they play Deportivo A Coruña on Sunday) Madrid has always cared about history, and that seems to take precedence today.

Denis Doyle - Getty Images

It's never an important game, and this year won't be an exception. Just two days after playing in Vallecas, the Real Madrid will play a "training session with a crowd in the Bernabéu," (classic Mourinho) as they take on Millonarios tonight in the Santiago Bernabéu trophy.

This might also be an opportunity to see new acquisition Luka Modric play in the center of the midfield, and it looks like Kaká will suit up for the first time in almost two months of real competition.

The key players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe, Xabi Alonso or Arbeloa probably won't be playing more than 45 minutes each, and it's possible some might not even start.

Honestly, this forced friendly probably annoys José Mourinho. Historically, the purpose of the Trofeo Santiago Bernabéu was to introduce the new team to the crowd, so it was almost always Real Madrid's first home game after the preseason stage. Now that La Liga BBVA starts in the middle of August, however, it's very hard to find room for this game.

Would it be better to schedule this game for right before the winter break?

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