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José Mourinho 'As' Interview Part 2: Kaká Will Get His Chance

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Here's the second and final part of José Mourinho's interview with As. This time, Real Madrid's coach dealt with the team and his players, putting the focus on Luka Modric, Kaká and Michael Essien. He also spoke about the FIFA International dates and Real Madrid's mentality.

Could it be that the players, and maybe also their coach, have lost the motivation needed to fight for la Liga BBVA and now their mind is only on the Champions League title and the games against Barcelona?

I don't think so. But a coach can't rule out any possibility, and I'll be on watch to make sure that this doesn't happen.


I'll make sure that they know that if they want to be candidates to win the Champions League title, they need to be focused the whole season. If you want to be on your best for the Champions League, you also need to be at your best in la Liga BBVA and the Copa del Rey. We have to improve in every game. I'm not talking about perfection, because that doesn't exist. But Real Madrid has to at least try. And if I see someone doesn't get it and tries to be conservative in la Liga, he might end up not playing in the Champions League.

Aren't you worried about Real Madrid's poor start?

To tell you the truth, I'm not. I'd be worried if I saw every other team playing at their best. But every team that has had many international players in the Olympic Games or the Eurocup had a poor start of the Liga campaign. It happened to United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Oporto, Benfica...It's happening to all of us.

So, you don't think the Champions League is distracting your players away from la Liga?

It's a risk, but I don't see it that way. But if it does exist, we need to understand it quickly and solve it. Big teams can't say "this is my competition." And Real Madrid is a big team. You might end up winning or losing, but you need to get on the pitch and try to win. I blame the Eurocup for our bad start. We will have to be patient--though I don't like my players to think I'm a patient coach and relax.

What do you think about FIFA International dates?

If I were coaching a national team I would protect these dates and would even ask for more. But I'm not, so I do the exact opposite thing. We need to find the balance between the clubs and national teams, but let's not forget that the clubs pay the players.

So you're not against the International dates?

I'm not, but I'm all for doing them with sense and order. National teams bind the countries, they bind the fans. I understand that and I support it. But we need to do it with sense.

Do you think like that because sooner or later you will be coaching a national team?

We'll see. But I can tell you it will be later rather than sooner. I'm 49, and I still think this is the beginning of my career. Some years ago, I talked to my wife and said that I will retire to have more time with my kids. But now I come home and my daughter is hanging out with her friends while my son is playing football for Canillas' team. I still have the passion I had when I started. I need to coach 400 hours and also 60 or 70 games, that's why I can't be a national team coach at this point.

What do you feel about being in the UEFA Coach Meeting after they banned you for two games?

That's in the past, and that's why I didn't come the year after that. Everything was right during the last Champions League. We didn't beat Bayern because we weren't good enough, that's all. I also have good friends in this meeting.

What about Collina's use of Pepe and Alves?

I think it's a good play to explain two different concepts. Intentionality and simulation. If Collina sees that play as a two-faced one, I think he picked a great play.

Is Modric able to get the Bernabéu back on its feet?

We brought him here with that intent. I'm sure he will also do good in the locker room and with the crowd. He has talent and tactic discipline. He has that magic touch that the Bernabéu fans like. We've signed him because we will enjoy him, but he will also help us win.

Don't you think Kaká is a victim of his own fame?

What has happened to Kaká has also been a problem with other players. Football is not about mathematics. Kaká arrived with physical problems, and in the second season he needed to have surgery. Last season he had really good periods. Before Di María got injured, he helped us a lot. I said before the transfer market was closed that if Kaká finally stayed, I would not have a problem. He knows his situation is not easy, I've told him. We have other players, but he has accepted the challenge and he is now training well. I'm sure he'll get his chance, and I'm sure he will help Madrid.

Does Essien call you daddy to make you happy?

No, that's a joke. Özil also calls me that. There's nothing wrong with it as long as he runs like I'm his real daddy.

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