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Sergio Ramos Banned For 5 Games

The club has appealed, but the punishment as it stands represents two games in the Cup and three in the league.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

It is being widely reported that Sergio Ramos has been banned for 5 games for insulting referee Ayza Gámez.

The player was, of course, sent off last night after a deliberate foul. He was then additionally booked for insulting comments made toward the referee - specifically (according to the match report): calling him "shameless" repeatedly (un sinvergüenza) and stating "llevas todo el puto día jodiéndonos" (euphemistically translated as: "You've spent the whole day screwing us over").

He then took time to inform the third official that: "siempre igual, que sinvergüenzas sois" (It's always the same, you're always shameless").

The referee had, of course, disallowed a legal goal over the course of the game.

The club have apparently taken the measure of appealing Sergio Ramos's first yellow card, issued earlier in the game.

Madrid's famously hot-headed and rather impetuous central defender already holds the club record for cautions and direct red cards.

The player himself apologized last night before the decision was made:

Managing Madrid will keep you all posted on developments and on the success of the appeal.

Updated: Sergio Ramos tweeted that "he hopes an equal treat to the referees that make mistakes".

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