What Percentage Of Madrid's Attacking Output Is Created By Ronaldo?

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Now, first of all, I'll explain a little about this stat which I created ( well, unless someone else beat me to it?). The graph below charts Ronaldo's contribution to Madrid's attack as a percentage. The bars tell us about Ronaldo's contribution as a precentage in that specific fixture, the red line is Ronaldo's 'rolling' contribution.

The offensive contribution is calculated thus: Shots + Shot Assists (Key Passes)

Get it?


The highest individual contribution I had seen before this was ~40% (Ozil) and that only involved 300 minutes or so of football. Ronaldo has played 8 games and he is responsible for just shy of 50% of Madrid's attacking output.

The Raw Numbers

Ronaldo Total Shot Shot Assist
1 20 11 2
2 21 9 3
3 20 7
4 20 8 2
5 29 13 2
6 12 7 1
7 20 5 2
8 27 9 2

In short, Ronaldo is really good, like crazy good. He is also pretty vital to Madrid's attacking scheme. So vital that it would be a bizarre experience watching Madrid play without CR7 - which player would become the attacking focus? Which player would be the shot monster? The easy answer is Bale, if he was fit.

Anyhow, Ronaldo is a shots monster, responsible for just about half of Real Madrid's offensive output. Take a bow Cristiano.