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'Diario As' Also Thrashed Vicente Del Bosque When He Was At Real Madrid

Apparently, Spanish sports daily 'Diario As' thinks Vicente Del Bosque was the perfect coach for Real Madrid. But they also tried to get him fired when the Spanish manager was at the club.

David Ramos

Internet is a great tool. Without it, we would still believe in 'As's love story with Vicente Del Bosque. It is no secret that the Spanish sports daily is one of the main strongholds Del Bosque has. It's true that Del Bosque won two Champions Leagues with Real Madrid and Spain's first FIFA World Cup and the last UEFA Euro Cup in Poland. He is a good manager. But don't be fooled by 'As's good words. In their opinion, Del Bosque was not that great when he was coaching Real Madrid.

Today, the Spanish sports daily has two pieces about Del Bosque's success with Real Madrid. In the first, Relaño's sports daily reports Florentino Pérez's lack of trophies without Vicente Del Bosque, implying that Real Madrid's President has failed without him. Yes, the biggest part of Florentino's success came with Del Bosque as a manager, but it could also be argued that Del Bosque had a roster that should've competed for more than one title per year. The second piece tries to make a casa for Del Bosque's success by saying that Barcelona failed to win a trophy during his tenure at Real Madrid. But maybe Del Bosque didn't have anything to do with Barcelona's roster, featuring failures such as Overmars, Petit, Litmanen, Gabri, Luis Enrique or Zenden against Figo, Raúl, Zidane, Makelele, Hierro or Roberto Carlos. That was clearly Barcelona's worst moment, and Valencia was Real Madrid's biggest rival.

As we told you, 'As' is clearly trying to get Florentino Pérez out of Real Madrid's chair. That's why they're bringing people against Pérez. That's also why they're trying to question Real's financial terms. According to Forbes, Real Madrid is the world's richest sport organization. But 'As' doesn't agree and is trying to say that the club's debt could cause big trouble.

Since they always supported Del Bosque's style, they clearly disagree with the way the team is being managed now. Right? Wrong. When Del Bosque was Real Madrid's coach, 'As' also tried to question both Del Bosque and Florentino Pérez as well. Here's what 'As' Director Alfredo Relaño had to say about Del Bosque in one of his articles:

The problem might be the team's lack of faith on the system. And there's no team without faith. Del Bosque, who comes from a land of good bullfighters, might know this popular saying: "A good bull always shows who is a bad bullfighter". And Del Bosque has a good bull in front of him.

Source: 'As'

After Real Madrid raised the 9th Champions League, Relaño also believed that the team was not being managed well:

Real Madrid's 9th Champions League was a shameful win.

Source: Youtube

So this is a proof that 'As's campaign of 'DelBosquism' might as well be an undercover campaign to question Florentino Pérez. Again.

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