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Casillas: "I Would Like To Stay With Real Madrid, But..." - Bernabéu Bites 10/17/2013

Real Madrid's captain spoke to the press. Ramos, Marcelo and Modric rejoined the squad and Varane stayed on the gym.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno
  • Iker Casillas spoke to the press in one oh his promotional events. He said that "he would like to stay with Real Madrid forever" because that was "his dream" when growing up, but "if the situation is like this one, I could think differently in three months". Casillas thinks that "things will be better for Real Madrid because the players and the coach need time to adapt". Real's captain had the time to congratulate his teammate Diego López for his "very good performances". He added that Bale is still trying to understand that Real Madrid is a different kind of club. He finally said that there are no "hard feelings" between Mourinho and him.
  • On another note, Ramos, Marcelo and Modric trained with their teammates again after small problems that came due to their FIFA games. Varane stayed on the gym after playing the two games with France (he might need some rest on his knee) and Alonso is still trying to recover. Gareth Bale had no problems.
  • Ancelotti conceded an interview with 'Corriere della Sera' and said that the team "will do better, mainly because we can't play worse than the games against Levante and Elche".

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