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Real Madrid vs. Juventus: Carlo Ancelotti Press Conference

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the press one day prior to the Champions League clash against Italian giants Juventus.

Denis Doyle

Tomorrow, Carlo Ancelotti will lead Real Madrid in a UEFA Champions League group game against Juventus, a team he managed for two years. Ahead of the anticipated match-up, Carlo Ancelotti answered reporters' questions on the following topics:

When asked to reveal tomorrow's starting line-up, Ancelotti played coy and refused to disclose the line-up. He said the team is ready and all the players, with the exception of Xabi Alonso, are available for the match.

Asked by an Argentine journalist to comment on Di María's current form, Ancelotti said the player is doing very well and is displaying confidence and character. Di María likes playing in Real Madrid and is a very important player for the club because he can play in different positions: either the midfield or the wing.

On the topic of Canteranos who joined the first-team this season, Ancelotti stressed patience and a long-term view of the situation. Carletto explained the objective is for all these players, including Casemiro, is to understand they're the future of Real Madrid. Step by step, they will become the future of Madrid as this is both the club and manager's priority. Ancelotti is pleased with the experience they're having and thinks the lads are happy too.

Asked about Juventus' dangerous box-to-box midfielder Arturo Vidal, Ancelotti recognized the Chilean is a very important and dynamic player but that Juventus' primary strength lies in its organization and solidity. According to Carletto, the danger Juventus poses is their organized system, not just one player because they have many players with quality. Carlo went on to say the Italian giants are tough to break down as they're well-organized defensively and boast a spectacular orchestrator in Andrea Pirlo.

One reporter asked Ancelotti to draw a parallel between the current situations of goalkeepers Buffon and Casillas. Ancelotti said the comparison is pretty simple: Buffon is playing more games than Iker, but the criticism Buffon has been drawing as of late has been excessive. Ancelotti said it's common for keepers to make errors and a lot's been made of Buffon's age; still, that doesn't change his importance to his team and the same goes for Casillas with Real Madrid.

Not surprisingly, Real Madrid's boss said Cristiano and Bale have zero problems playing together and that he'd be crazy to move Cristiano into a striker position considering the Portuguese is scoring 50 to 60 goals a year by starting matches on the wing.

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