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Real Madrid vs. Sevilla: Carlo Ancelotti Post-Match Press Conference

Real Madrid's boss spoke to the press following the Whites' 7-3 victory over Sevilla.

Denis Doyle

While this match was not a Champions League final, Carlo Ancelotti knows all too well what it's like to be leading a game 3-0 only to have the opponent tie up the score in a matter of minutes. For this reason, it was not too surprising to hear Carletto deliver the following analysis:

"The match was a little crazy and strange. We started very well but after going up 3-0 we lost some concentration and the game opened up again. Later on the match was great and we scored several goals. What we lacked was balance because when you are up 3-0, you need to be more cautious to avoid problems."

Ancelotti praised all his attackers today and complimented their link-up play in the final third. On Gareth Bale, Real Madrid's coach delivered the following words:

"Bale has played a fantastic game and demonstrated his great physical condition. He does not have any injuries and feels confident. He will be very important for the future."

Carlo Ancelotti also expressed excitement over the return of Xabi Alonso, elevating the importance of the midfielder's quality and experience. Ancelotti said he needs to give Alonso minutes as the "Red Beard" is ready to be a key figure in the starting line-up.

Madrid's manager seemed thrilled to finally have all the players healthy and at his disposal, and said that it won't take long until we see a "compact and dangerous team."

Finally, in looking at his team's defensive efforts, Carletto said the players did a fine job pressing in the middle but left the flanks somewhat exposed. In what's becoming a recurring theme during Ancelotti press conferences, the manager claimed the team still needs to find that balance between attacking football and sound defending.

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