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Deep Debt? Bernabéu Bites 10.08.2013

Welcome to Tuesday's edition of Bernabéu Bites as Real Madrid finds itself without the presence of sixteen first-team players on duty with their national teams. Today we begin by covering the top story in AS - an interview with socio and president of the 'Asociacion por los Valores del Madridismo' Carlos Mendoza who claims Real Madrid are 541 million euros in debt.

Denis Doyle
  • In a story originating from As and picked up by ESPN, socio and president of the 'Asociacion por los Valores del Madridismo' Carlos Mendoza claims Real Madrid President Florentino Pérez has not been transparent in revealing the club's total debt. According to Mendoza, the net financial debt of 90 million euros reported by Pérez only accounts for the money owed to banks. Mendoza states "...Madrid has other debts -- to players, clubs, sporting associations, public administration, suppliers. That all adds up to 541 million euros." In the video interview posted by As, Mendoza goes on to say he wants Real Madrid to become a reference in global football not because of its architecturally remodeled Bernabéu stadium, but because of its title-winning football team. Managing Madrid's Editor-in-Chief Lucas Navarrete provides some insight into the legitimacy of this story and questions As' motives in a piece published earlier today.
  • MARCA reports that Gareth Bale has begun a twelve-day intensive physical preparation plan with no days off to improve his fitness. The Spanish tabloid interviewed former physical trainer José Luis San Martín, who said Bale will likely undergo two-a-day training sessions combining sprint work with weightlifting, ball skills and stretching sessions. San Martín argues that while this "express" training plan will help Bale attain a necessary level of fitness to compete, he will need actual match time to produce 100% output.
  • According to MARCA, Real Madrid has suffered nine goals in eight league games as Ancelotti continues to search for his ideal back-line. Madridistas, how would you address the lack of clean sheets that has marked Madrid's league campaign so far?
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