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Ancelotti: "We Will Not Buy a Replacement for Khedira"

In the occasion of the launch of the Spanish edition of his book "My Christmas Tree", our coach spoke to the media about Khedira's injury and his possible replacements.

Claudio Villa

Three days ago, we received the horrible news: Sami Khedira will be out of the fields for the following six months due to a severe injury on his right knee. During the whole weekend, everybody has been speaking about the tremendous damage his absence will cause in the White House, and which could Ancelotti's plans be to fix it.

Today, in a press conference offered after presenting his new book, Carletto proved that it's not only us who have been thinking about this issue, and confirmed that Real Madrid will not sign any player to cover Khedira's spot: "We have been unlucky. Khedira is a very important player for us, he represents the team's balance. Without him, we need to find another solution, but we are not going to sign anyone. The solution will be, either to trust in players with similar characteristics to the ones of Sami's, like Casemiro, or to change completely our system. I still have to think about it".

The italian coach did not mention Illarramendi, although we should remember that, in previous appearances, he has said that Asier and Xabi Alonso are not compatible in the current system. He did not rule out Isco as a substitute for Sami, although he implied that his entrance would also cause a change in the system: "Isco has played as a deep-lying midfielder, but his natural position is behind the strikers, in a 4-2-3-1". On the other hand, he rejected the possibility of using Sergio Ramos or Pepe for this function: "They are central defenders", he said.

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