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Cristiano Ronaldo Is a Legend

We're all witnessing history

Martin Rose

it's getting harder and harder to find the way that perfectly describes Cristiano Ronaldo's greatness.

Spectacular. Amazing. Uncanny. Unbelievable. Epic. Legend.

What he did yesterday against Sweden was, again, hard to describe. Players single-handedly defeating their opponent doesn't happen often in football.  Cristiano Ronaldo just doesn't just play great. He dominates. He destroys. He makes other football greats like Zlatan Ibrahimovic applaud him after scoring a goal, even if that goal is the one that killed his own hope of playing in the World Cup next year.

We are not looking at the best player in football today, but one of the greatest players to ever play the sport. Without a doubt, he's already up there with titans like Pelé, Maradona or Zidane. Yeah. He's THAT good. Like Carlo Ancelotti said a few days ago, "he's otherworldly". He definitely looks like he's from a different dimension.

'The Animal' should easily win the Ballon D'Or this year. Ronaldo is by far the superior player in football today. Trophies or not, it shouldn't matter. If he doesn't win it, then the award will lose ALL of its  credibility and those that didn't vote for him will need to do some explaining.

That being said, we know it's possible he won't win the award. Stupidity (or envy) is very common among those who vote for the winner of the Ballon D'Or. With Cristiano that always happens. Whether it's journalists like AS's Juanma Trueba claiming Real Madrid should sell him to Manchester City for players like David Silva or the head of FIFA making fun of 'The Commander' not only as a player, but as a person too, you always find that kind of unfair judgment surrounding the portuguese star.

That, in my humble opinion, is just sad.

We should celebrate the fact that we are looking at a legend in his prime. A player that not only keeps an amazing level, but also improves season after season. We should enjoy all of his amazing plays on the field. We should appreciate the fact that we are lucky to witness more than just history in the making.

As Real Madrid fans, we should consider ourselves even luckier since we are able to root for Cristiano with all our heart. We should embrace being able to dream about him visiting 'La Cibéles' many times and breaking lots of records as a ‘merengue'.

With the ticket to Brazil officially in his hands, it's time to wonder what's going to happen next year. He deserves to win the World Cup and the way he's playing today, it shouldn't surprise anyone if Portugal actually wins it. God knows I'll root for him in Brazil 2014. Yes, even against my national squad.

Like Jose Mourinho recently said: "Being at the same club as Cristiano is the best thing that's ever happened to me".

Well, watching him and rooting for him has definitely been the highlight of my life as a football fan. That's probably the best way I can find to describe the legend that is Cristiano Ronaldo.

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