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Xabi Alonso Close To Signing Two-Year Extension, 'ABC' Reports

According to 'ABC' reporter Tomás González-Martín, Real Madrid and Xabi Alonso are close to put pen to paper on a two-year extension.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Xabi Alonso is one month and ten days short of being able to negotiate with any European team willing to sign him next summer. But according to Spanish newspaper 'ABC', the midfielder will sign a two-year extension very soon. If Tomás González-Martín's report is to be believed, Alonso will be a Real Madrid player until 2016.

But the report also states that Alonso would want to have a clause in his contract that would allow him to finish his contract with los blancos every summer. Again, if González-Martín is correct, Xabi wants that clause to walk away from the Spanish capital if he feels he isn't ready to give his best anymore. That way, he would also make sure to sign any sustantial offer from MLS teams, Real Sociedad or Liverpool FC if they come.

Apparently, Florentino Pérez and Xabi Alonso's relationship is healthy and honest enough to accept that kind of deal. Real Madrid's President trusts the midfielder's commitment and sees his requirement as true sportsmanship.

Therefore, Alonso's wages have been agreed. It's only a matter of time before he signs the extension, reports 'ABC'.

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