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Ancelotti: "Cristiano only has a minor problem"

A very pleased Ancelotti addressed the media after Real Madrid's demolishing win against Almería.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Real Madrid had yet another great performance in La Liga, making it their second straight game scoring five goals.

However, at the end of the game, the main focus was on Cristiano Ronaldo's condition. The Commander abandoned the game in the 51st minute with injury. Carlo Ancelotti brought some good news to his press conference: "He had a minor problem. I don't think it's an important injury because he doesn't feel any pain. We think he'll be back soon. He'll undergo some tests tomorrow."

Carletto also talked about the team's midfield: "Illarramendi worked well the last two weeks, as did Isco. To try to make them a bit more comfortable we changed the style a bit. Alonso played more offensively, while Illarra was more focused on defence in order to get some balance."

The highlight of the game for Real Madrid was the performance of the team's young players. Isco (one goal, one assist), Jesé (two assists) and Morata (one goal) all had a great game. Casemiro had a solid performance too. Still, the Italian coach was very prudent about it: "Our young players are very talented but we have to take care of them. They will prove they are ready to play for Real Madrid."

Ancelotti knows the team still needs some polishing: "We lost control of the game in the final 15 minutes of the first half. We lost a bit of confidence too, but that was it. The team played well and we have to keep it up. It's a matter of fixing a few details but we're fine. We are in a good moment."

He finally addressed the team's system once more: "It's very important to have enough depth so you are able to play in different schemes, where players can adapt to those without any problems. Tonight we changed our system a bit so Isco and Illarramendi could play more comfortably. With Modric in, maybe we can play like we did with Khedira, with Casemiro replacing Sami".

Perhaps Ancelotti's experimenting is finally paying off.

As the coach indicated, the team needs to fix some details. Almería didn't score any goals but the defence still put Diego López in tough situations a couple times. Nevertheless, it wasn't a tragic performance by any means. While the first half was disappointing, the merengues completely dominated the final 45 minutes, even without Ronaldo.

Hopefully they will show more improvement next Wednesday against Galatasaray.

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