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Ancelotti speaks after the win against Galatasaray

The Italian coach spoke to the media after Real Madrid's 4-1 win over Galatasaray.

Denis Doyle

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media after his team's win over Galatasaray.

The second half was nearly perfect for the Spanish team, even after Sergio Ramos' red card. Still, Ancelotti sounded pleased: "The team played really well in the second half. Playing with 10 is not easy. The game complicated for us after Sergio's red card. I hope Ramos will be able to play in the Round of 16".

As good as the second half was, the first half wasn't good for Real Madrid. Ancelotti knows it: "The first half wasn't very good for us. The game wasn't fast and even though he had control of the ball, it all changed after the red card". Before Ramos was sent off, the game was slow but Galatasaray had barely challenged Casillas.

One of the biggest concerns entering the game was Cristiano Ronaldo missing the game. Jesé, Real Madrid's most promising player, started in his place. Ancelotti talked about Ronaldo's absence and also about Jesé early substitution: "It's quite different to play without Cristiano Ronaldo. It's sad that I had to replace Jesé early in the game. He's living a great moment but we needed another defender. I told Jesé I needed to do this." Jesé leaving the game early was definitely the saddest moment of the night.

Carletto also addressed Sergio Ramos' red card: "I told Sergio he didn't need to take unnecessary risks, that he just had to control the space behind him." Obviously, Ramos did neither.

Real Madrid is on a roll in the Champions League. They have scored at least two goals in every match so far in the group stage. They have scored five goals in each of their last two La Liga games. Ancelotti clearly loves this amazing efficiency: "We're scoring a lot of goals and we're playing well. We're in a great moment." While there are lots of issues to be fixed, it's true that Real Madrid is living a great moment.

Jesé wasn't the only young player to start against Galatasaray. Casemiro started too and he played well. Ancelotti had some praise for the young Brazilian: "Defensively, Casemiro was good. He recovered a lot of balls for us."

The team improved a lot when Xabi Alonso entered the game. Ancelotti said the team "played a lot more comfortable with him".

Finally, he showed some love for the man of the match: Álvaro Arbeloa: "Arbeloa probably was the best player of the game".

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