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Ancelotti: "Ronaldo Will Not Play. He Is Fine, But We Will Not Take The Risk"

In the press conference prior to the match against Real Valladolid, our coach sat down and spoke to the media on Ronaldo's injury, the Sergio Ramos controversy and the lineup for tomorrow's game.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno
  • Carletto was quite clear. Ronaldo will not play against Valladolid next Saturday: "He is fully recovered. He had a sonography made this morning, and his muscle is ready, but he does not feel confortable. We will not take the risk".
  • There were a lot of questions on Sergio Ramos, because of his mistake against Galatasaray and the recent controversy. Our coach, elegant as he is, defended Sergio above all: "I don't have a problem with him, and nor he has one with me. After the match, I told him that he needed to cover his back, but it was just a tactical talk. He made a mistake, but that does not change the fact that he is a very important player for this team, due to technical and mental reasons". When asked if he would agree on selling him for 65 million euros, he denied.
  • Good words for the youngsters Jesé and Morata, as well, though it seems they will not be starters tomorrow. "Alonso and Modric are fresh, and Di María will occupy Ronaldo's spot".
  • Carlo also expressed his satisfaction with the team's current level: "I am happy with the way we are playing and with the atmosphere in the roster. The players are highly motivated, they understand my decisions. It is important to extend this trend, and we need to be careful in games like the one we will play tomorrow to succeed on this task".

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