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Carlo: "The second-half was a disaster"

Real Madrid got the win but they sure had to work for it. A quick recap of The Eyebrow's presser after the match.

What is he to make of today's performance?
What is he to make of today's performance?
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Sorry that this press conference recap is so late, won't happen again. Let's get right into it.

  • Real Madrid were cruising, albeit in nervy fashion, at half and took a 3-0 lead shortly after the break. That's when the wheels really started to come off as Rayo Vallecano were awarded two penalty kicks (which they converted) and had RM on their heels for the rest of the night. Carlo's thoughts? "Against Sevilla we were 3-0 up and let them back into the game. Today the same thing happened and that is not a coincidence,'' Carlo said. "We need to change and remove the superficiality we have on the pitch, the second-half was a disaster. You cannot let a team back into the game like that when you have the quality of Real Madrid."
  • Cristiano Ronaldo did his typical Cristiano Ronaldo things and added two more goals to his haul. "Cristiano Ronaldo has really taken me by surprise - he's a top professional. I don't know what else Cristiano can do out on the pitch. I can ask no more of him," said Ancelotti. Even a manager who has coached some of the greats of this sport is in awe of Madrid's top man.
  • On Angel Di Maria's performance, Carlo stated that he played well defensively. "When trouble came, we changed the scheme and played with four in the middle to defend better, but Di Maria played well."
  • On Rayo's performance, Carlo praised their ability to pres sup the pitch and was clearly impressed by their strong showing today.
  • ''To think that the game is over when you're winning 3-0 is a grave error,'' Ancelotti said. ''It's happened twice now, and I am sure it will not happen for a third time.'' Let's hope so.
This team needs to regroup after their Jekyll and Hyde performances over the last couple of days and get ready for Juventus on Tuesday. The offense has shown that it could be a force to be reckoned with but the defense has to get its priorities in order and a sense of consistency and efficiency needs to be established.

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