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Real Madrid Vs. Real Sociedad, Liga BBVA 2013-2014 Match Recap: Another Hat-Trick for Ronaldo (5-1)

Ancelotti decided not to make rotations for the clash against Real Sociedad, so Isco stayed on the bench and Alonso got another start after playing most of the game against Juventus. Arbeloa played left back, so Carvajal started in the right

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

The team started the game really bad, conceding a couple of unnecessary corner-kicks. No passion or heart was shown whatsoever until Cristiano Ronaldo hit the crossbar from long-range. That woke the team up a bit, and Xabi Alonso had a good scoring opportunity off what appeared to be an innocent free-kick.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored in the 11th minute after a great cross/assist by Karim Benzema. The French striker is not scoring much, but his contribution to the team and also Bale and Ronaldo's runs should be appreciated. Luka Modric's show started after Real's first goal, and the Croatian wizard took the ball out of the defensive line with a brilliant pass to Cristiano Ronaldo, who assisted Karim Benzema. Again, while Benzema is not a pure scorer, it's always good to see him getting some goals after his draught.

Real Madrid played effortlessly for most of the game, but the team controlled the match from the midfield. The Alonso-Khedira-Modric trio looked solid as a rock, and even the weakest part of it -Modric- helped by gaining possession back. In one of those plays, Cristiano Ronaldo found himself in the box. Bergara deflected the shot with his hand and the referee pointed the spot. Cristiano didn't miss and finished Real Sociedad's chances of fighting back for a draw.

Even a hard worker like Sami Khedira contributed in the score sheet. The German Panzer found the ball in a very good position after a brilliant assist by Gareth Bale. The Welsh player is not only a good finisher -remember Turin? - but also a good passer. He has picked up five assists so far, so he's a good playmaker and he's proving it.

The first half concluded 4-0 and with Real Madrid playing quite comfortably. Gareth Bale had a couple of good chances but both shots went wide. Real Sociedad gave up as soon as they conceded Madrid's third goal and that's why Ancelotti's men played that well.

The second half started after the speaker played Oasis' Wonderwall. Arrasate took Seferovic and Elustondo out and introduced Zurutuza and De la Bella. In the 50th minute, Ancelotti decided that it was time for Isco, Morata and Nacho to warm up. Arbeloa was booked for stopping a counterattack. The crowd wanted to see more from the team, so when Real Madrid started speculating and saving energies, the fans started whistling.

Jesé, Di María and Illarramendi joined their teammates, and the crowd showed their love for Jesé as well. It's true that the team never showed much effort, but this should be normal for a team that's leading 4-0. Unluckily enough for Real Madrid and Diego López, Antoine Griezmann scored with a great chip in the 61th minute and prevented the team from earning a clean sheet. As we noted in our scouting report, it shouldn't be long before Griezmann leaves Real Sociedad for a bigger club.

The game went on without much activity, and Ancelotti introduced Asier Illarramendi for Xabi Alonso in the 70th minute. It's good to see Alonso back in shape, and he should be ready to play 90 minutes soon enough. Therefore, Illarramendi played against his former team for the first time since he left for Real Madrid.

While the crowd still wanted to see Isco, Cristiano Ronaldo completed his hat-trick with a good free-kick. He has already scored 16 goals in this Liga BBVA season, and it seems that he's not going to stop it there.

Isco then joined the game for Sami Khedira. Ancelotti wants to test the 4-3-3 formation with Isco and Modric in the center of the midfield. He has never tried that under a 4-3-3 formation, and it would certainly be a good option against small teams at the Bernabéu. Morata was Ancelotti's last substitution, so the crow had the chance of giving a well-deserved standing ovation. That's what the crowd did, and it certainly is encouraging.

Unfortunately, the crowd whistled Diego López after Real's keeper made a mistake. Diego had the time to prove his critics wrong with a good save on Carlos Vela later in the 41st minute. Álvaro Morata blew a big chance that would've sent Benzema to another club had he missed it.

The game ended with a comfortable Real Madrid squad already looking forward to 15 days of FIFA break. Time for Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Pepe, Modric and Varane to step their game up and qualify to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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