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Ancelotti speaks after the 4-0 win over Valladolid

Carlo Ancelotti doesn't care if the opponents are playing them with fear or not. The team is living a great moment, but he knows they have to keep up the good work.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Real Madrid is living its best moment of the season so far. Some think it's because of Cristiano Ronaldo. Some say it's because of Alonso's return. Other say because it's because the opponents are starting to play with fear against Real Madrid.

That's not something that bothers the Italian coach: "I don't know if opponents go out there with fear. If that's true, then it's a good thing. Valladolid tried to go for the win during the first 30 minutes of the game. After we scored our first goal they just had it a bit more difficult because we had more spaces to attack. The team has found some balance and we're playing well now."

The man of the match was Gareth Bale, scoring his first hat trick as a merengue. Bale obviously earned some nice comments from his coach: "His adapting process is over. He's fine and he's playing with confidence. He's a very important player for us. He played really well tonight."

Fortunately, Ancelotti didn't forget to give some well-deserved praise to Ángel Di María, who also had a great night: "Di María is fantastic because he just doesn't do work, he also offers quality to our game. He was the game changer in the first half being out most dangerous player. He's a player that can play in different positions. Di María is a key player for us."

It's impossible to deny that the team is playing well. They've outscored their opponents 24-6 (in La Liga only) since that loss against Barcelona. Carletto is happy about it but also knows the team can't relax: "It's a great moment for us. We're showing consistency and personality in every game. The team is focused and also has a great attitude. I don't know if tonight's was out best game so far since we've had other good ones recently. Now we have confidence. We have to keep it up because football is a weird sport. Just when you think everything is going great, that's when you start facing the toughest moments."

Once again, he addressed the midfielders: "For now the system is the right one for us because a lot of players play really comfortable in it. Isco is one of them. Xabi Alonso's presence gives the team a lot more confidence and quality."

Ancelotti on finding his ideal starting lineup: "I don't think I've found my ideal lineup yet since we have a very good roster. Tonight it was Alonso and Modric. Others like Illarramendi and Casemiro have played well too. I just don't have an ideal lineup because I have more than eleven players and that's a good thing."

On whether he was going to watch Barcelona or not: "I'm going to watch them tomorrow but we don't have to think about the other teams. We just have to think about ourselves."

Finally, he also talked about Cristiano Ronaldo's absence: "Cristiano didn't play today but fortunately we have players that can replace him. Tonight, it was Di María".

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