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UEFA Champions League 2013-2014: Copenhaguen Vs Real Madrid: Match Recap [0-2]

Even with nothing to play for, Real Madrid still defeated FC Copenhaguen 2-0. Their hot-streak in Champions League continues.

Claudio Villa

Real Madrid entered the group stage's last game with nothing to play for in terms of standings. They had clinched the first spot in group B against Galatasaray a couple weeks ago. On the other hand, FC Copenhaguen still had some hope to make it past the group stage. They needed a win, a Juventus loss and to score enough goals to beat Galatasaray in goal difference (both had -7) to make it to the Round of 16. That seemed highly unlikely and Cristiano Ronaldo's return only complicated things a lot more for the Danish squad.

First thing to notice was the poor condition of the pitch, so Real Madrid needed to be careful to avoid injuries.

First half

The game didn't offer much during its first ten minutes. Just a couple of crosses on each box that were cleared without any problems.

The biggest surprise early on was Copenhaguen's first substitution at the 8th minute. Bolaños went in for Jorgensen, who had to leave the match injured.

At the 12th minute Copenhaguen had the first good chance of the game. Sigurdsson went past Nacho and Marcelo rather easily to enter Real Madrid's penalty box. Luckily, his cross found no one and was cleared by Pepe.

It didn't take long for Real Madrid to have their own chance. At the 15th, Gareth Bale's header went just a bit wide after a cross by Álvaro Arbeloa.

Marcelo was shown the yellow card at the 17th minute. It wasn't necessary and the referee probably showed it too early anyway. Benzema had an opportunity of his own at the 21' but his shot was easily handled by Wiland. He was open just outside Copenhaguen's box but the shot was very weak. At the 24th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo took a free kick that went just a bit wide. It was deflected by a Copenhaguen defender.

At the 25th, right after the corner kick, Luka Modric scored a beautiful goal. He dribbled Claudemir with a great fake outside the box and took a shot. It went right into the top-right corner of Wiland's goal. The goalkeeper didn't stand a chance. One of the most beautiful goals we've seen this season. 1-0.

Ronaldo had another chance at the 31st. He shot the ball outside the box after a rebound. The ball bounced right before getting to Wiland but the GK made the save.

Real Madrid had yet another opportunity on a cross by Marcelo at the 36th minute but couldn't find anyone inside Copenhaguen's box. Ronaldo was wide open right in front of Wiland. At the 37th, Ronaldo took one more shot outside the box but Wiland made yet another great stop.

Real Madrid got a lucky break at the 39th minute. Copenhaguen apparently had tied the game on a header by Delaney, in which he had beaten Casillas in the air inside of his own goal area. The referee disallowed the goal after calling a foul on Iker Casillas. Good call.

Copenhaguen had one more shot at the 41st minute but it was cleared by Marcelo inside the box.

That was it for the first half. A decent effort and a good result.

Second half

It didn't take long for Real Madrid to score their second goal of the night. At the 48th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo scored an easy goal after a great assist by Pepe. A wide open Ronaldo only needed to push the ball into Wiland's goal after Pepe's header. 2-0.

Copenhaguen had a chance to score their first goal of the night at the 52nd minute but Gíslason's shot missed the target. It was a good play by Gíslason, who had beaten Marcelo to enter Real Madrid's penalty area. Unfortunately for him, his shot went wide.

At the 60th minute, Marcelo crossed the ball again into Copenhaguen's box but once again, his cross was rather poor. Real Madrid still got a corner kick from it. Nacho scored after a header by Pepe, but the ref called him offside. Still 2-0.

Xabi Alonso was shown the yellow card at the 65th minute. On the following free kick, Copenhaguen sent the ball inside Casillas' goal area but the GK cleared the ball.

Di María went in for Isco at the 66th minute.

Real Madrid put together a great counter attack at the 70th. Unfortunately for Los Blancos, Cristiano didn't control Di María's final pass properly and the chance was lost. Copenhaguen had a counter attack of their own at the 71st minute but it ended just as bad as Real Madrid's. There was an open Copenhaguen player inside the box but his teammates didn't notice him.

Ronaldo had a great opportunity at the 74th minute. The soon-to-be Ballon D'Or found himself inside Copenhaguen's box and shot the ball with his left foot but went straight to the post. Beautiful shot by the Portuguese player after yet another fake on Copenhaguen's defense.

At the 76th, Illarramendi joined the game replacing Alonso. Ancelotti likes to save Alonso a little bit more than Mourinho, and that will likely be good for Real Madrid in the not too distant future.

Modric was tackled at the 79th minute by Remmer. Accidentally, Remmer stepped on Modric's left leg after the foul. The Croatian wizard was replaced by Casemiro at the 82'. At the 81', Bale was wide open at the penalty spot. He headed Marcelo's cross but it went wide. Big chance missed by 'The Cardiff Express', who had a poor game after recovering from the flu.

Di María almost scored Real Madrid's third goal at the 84th minute. Remember Di María's fancy rabona (back flick) against Copenhaguen at Bernabéu? He pulled another one here, and it almost went in. Mellberg cleared the ball just in time.

At the 88th minute, Real Madrid was granted a penalty kick. Great play by Benzema who passed the ball to Ronaldo. The Portuguese star was tackled right as he received the ball. Unfortunately, Ronaldo's shot was stopped by Wiland. Cristiano appeared to be confident, and he would have shot the penalty differently in another situation.

At the 90', Bale amazingly missed an easy shot on goal. It seems like he was expecting a defender to clear the ball.

Final notes

It was nice of Ancelotti to play the starters. Real Madrid had nothing to play for, other than Ronaldo's group stage scoring record.

Speaking of The Commander, he scored his ninth goal in Champions League. Another broken record by Ronaldo, who is now the first player ever to score nine goals in the group stage in Champions League's history. That was also Real Madrid's 800th goal in Champions League history. No other team is even close to that number of goals. Bayern München is second with 552 and Barcelona is third with 487 goals.

Modric's goal was well deserved and it was an amazing one.

Real Madrid was already first place in Group B. They finished the group stage with 16 points. The second spot is still open, as Juventus' game against Galatasaray was suspended due to heavy snowstorm.

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