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Bernabéu Bites 12.19.2013: Victorious Madrid

The boys took care against Xativa yesterday, albeit in a sleepy, dull kind of way, and move on to the next round of the Copa Del Ray. Valencia awaits them this weekend - oh goody!

Denis Doyle
  • Remember that very enthusiastic young man who ran out on the pitch in the preseason to hug Cristiano "The Body" Ronaldo? Well, he managed to avoid charges and much of it was thanks to CR himself. I still absolutely hate the idea of spectators running out on to the pitch and players interacting with them.
  • It's Karim Benzema's 26th birthday today. Hopefully he'll score a goal this weekend to celebrate, here are his numbers with Real so far.
  • One source reports that Real are looking to buy Luis Suarez next summer, while another reports that Liverpool are keen to keep him. Do you want him? Would you put a clause in his contract to require him to wear a muzzle at all times? Are you afraid of him taking a bite out of Marcelo's arm in training? Would you really be that upset if he bit Diego Costa?
  • In other teams' news, Robert Lewandowski drops a new Bayern hint and Cesc Fabregas comes to the aid of Leonel Messi and claims there's a Madrid-based campaign against Barca and Messi. Sure thing, Cesc. Whatever you say, Cesc.
  • Throwback Thursday clip: in honor of his birthday, Big Benz's golazo against Ajax. Just when he annoys the hell out of you with his passive style, he goes and does something like this.

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