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Bernabeu Bites: A New Contract For Sami Khedira?

Madrid's German midfielder could be extending to 2018.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Marca (chiefly) are reporting that Madrid are seeking to extend Sami Khedira's contract to 2018. The player has a serious injury, but his status as a preferred starter (when fit) under Carlo Ancelotti means the club are keen to renew. Marca's analysis, in their article, is interesting because it is correctly noted that Khedira is not a favourite of the press or the fans in the stadium, but that the coaching staff consider him important.

The paper also notes the obvious point: with his contract up in 18 months, Real Madrid will not potentially receive any offers for the player that will improve on the 40 million allegedly offered by Manchester United on transfer deadline day as Khedira's contract runs down. So extending his contract means ensuring that a still-young, valuable and marketable International keeps his transfer-value.

A glance at the German papers this morning in Sami Khedira's homeland for more information on the rumour reveals that they have nothing to add to the information from Marca. T-Online, Bild, STERN et al., are all basing their stories on Marca's initial report and seem to have no added inside information from the player or his agent.

For these reasons, it is a difficult rumour to be certain about. But common sense would dictate that Real Madrid extend the player's contract for the reasons Marca has laid out.

Do you think Sami Khedira should extend his contract with Real Madrid?

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