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Mourinho's Sky Sports Interview, Ozil's Film & di Maria's Fine

Mourinho speaks to Sky Sports while Aljoscha Pause makes Mesut Ozil his latest documentary subject and Angel di Maria is fined for remarks on refereeing.

Denis Doyle

José Mourinho Is Interviewed

It's not easy being José Mourinho, the most sought-after coach in the world. Visit London, a city in which you own a house and in which your daughter will shortly be attending an Arts college, and the speculation begins immediately.

Even his inane and repetitive interview with Sky, in which he simply reiterated comments he has made since 2008 about how much he loves the EPL, have been blown out of proportion.

Headlines all over the world: Mourinho Fuels Chelsea Speculation!

What was actually said?

I cannot deny that, despite this weather, I love it here, and as I said I have a house and I have big emotional connections with Chelsea and one day I think naturally I will have to be back to English football, or to Chelsea or to another club.

Of course, Chelsea means to me differently than other clubs. Chelsea is in my heart as Inter is for example.

One day I have to be back but again it is normal that I am in London. The same way I walk in my home city in Portugal, people see that as normal and this is normal, the same thing is normal when I am in London.

Mourinho also confirmed that he is committed to Real Madrid.

Clubs that take on Mourinho will have to prepare themselves in the future for a coach who will talk endlessly of his special relationship with Madrid (because he will) and try not to take it to heart.

Ángel Di María Is Fined

Real Madrid's Argentinian found himself in hot-water after comments made a couple of months ago about "refereeing errors" that seemed to favour Madrid's opponents.

He will be fined, no more and no less, a sum of money that other players have been fined for similar comments: the princely sum of 1,500 Euros.

Mesut Özil Is Honoured

It's been a happy day for Mesut Özil. He assisted twice to help his team defeat Kazakhstan 4-1, he was honoured as best player for 2012 by the tens of thousands of members of the DFB's official fanclub before the match and he took to Facebook to proudly post about a film that has been released at the Football Film Festival in Berlin.

Entitled Mesut, 17 and filmed by Aljoscha Pause (award-winning filmmaker of a documentary on Zinedine Zidane) the film was created, almost accidentally, 7 years ago in 2006. The filmmaker went to Stuttgart to film the Bundesliga Junior Championships and, according to a press report on the film, asked Joachim Loew and Uli Stielike if any of the kids playing looked like they had potential to make it big. They didn't know his name, but they pointed out "Schalke's number 11" as one that looked promising.

When Schalke won the title, Pause managed to get on the pitch and button-holed a 17 year-old Mesut Özil to ask him about his ambitions. The footage of the interview frames the 10 minute documentary.

It can be found at this link. It was Özil's first interview.

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