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Mourinho Addresses The Press Rumours About His Future As Questions Persist

"The President of Canillas is a fantastic person, but his problem is that he likes the press, I don't have this problem." That's undeniably true - Mourinho despises the press and avoids them at every opportunity. Nevertheless he took the pre-match press-conference today.

Denis Doyle

In spite of everything it was still unexpected. But there have been rumours this week sparked by the President of the club Mourinho sends his son to about his leaving the club at the end of this season.

Headlines all over the world: "Mourinho won't be at Madrid next year."

As gives the longest and most complete version of his comments and the full article can be read here.

Mourinho didn't deny the comments, but there's a faintly different shading to it. He was actually asked if he could address the coaches next year and said he didn't know if he could.

My relationship with the president [Florentino Pérez], Jose Ángel [Sánchez, Madrid chief executive] and with everyone else at the club is very good and this means that we can sit down and analyse things in a relaxed manner. We will decide what is best for Madrid, for me and for the president. We have that tranquility. Normally there are problems between clubs and coaches, in this case there is no problem, due to our close relationship. But the best situation for all of us and those that love Real Madrid is for us to win the Copa del Rey and remain in the Champions League.

Manolo Álvarez had said this week he hoped Mourinho would forgive him.

To speak about Canillas is like speaking about what is almost a second home for me and my son. It's a great club. But they have a problem - their president loves the press and he loves attention. He is a fantastic person and treats me and my son very well, but he has this small problem, it's not my problem.

No doubt about that. Even with the press rumours it was still a surprise to see him at the press conference he has routinely been refusing to take for two years now.

It seems almost incidental that Mourinho confirmed that Diego Lopez would start and that his attackers and midfielders would be rotated for the game tomorrow.

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