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Borussia Dortmund Vs. Real Madrid, UEFA Champions League Semifinals: Disgraceful Performance (4-1)

Robert Lewandowski scored a hattrick in the second half and another one in the first 45 minutes to give his team a peaceful, comfortable win over a shameful Real Madrid squad that could only score off a huge mistake by Mats Hummels.

Joern Pollex

And that's all you're going to read about the game, people. These 90 minutes were shameful, that's all, but if you still have the guts to read a detailed match report head on to another site. Those 11 players were representing millions of madridistas all around the world that must be ashamed of being Real Madrid fans at this moment.

The team's performance was even worse than the one that ended with Barcelona winning 5-0 a couple of seasons ago. Even worse than Barça's 4-0 defeat to Bayern this past Tuesday. The whole team showed no courage whatsoever and was completely overwhelmed by Borussia's heart and passion. We all know Lewandowski is a great player. But should he be able of scoring four goals past Ramos, Pepe, Varane, Coentrao, Alonso and Khedira?

The intensity of Borussia's players took everyone by surprise. Ramos keeps increasing his stat line as a right back in important matches. The famous 2-6 and the 5-0 against Barcelona and now this 4-1 against Dortmund. But he's not the only one to blame. The Pepe-Varane partnership simply doesn't work at all. Pepe hasn't been playing well since coming back from his injury and he even seems less comfortable as a left center back.

Özil is helping every one of his critics that say he doesn't have the passion and fire to fight for every ball. Everyone knows this German player has the quality needed to play for this club. But is he hungry enough? Higuaín was invisible all night long other than a good tackle on Kuba after a ridiculous turnover by himself. Modric was completely overwhelmed by the tempo of the match, and it was clearly a mistake to pay that much money for him. Useful player, but not 35M€-caliber.

Any given team can afford to have a bad night and lose 4-1. That's the beauty of this game. But to play with that lack of passion for the badge is simply unacceptable. The only player that performed well enough was probably Fàbio Coentrao.

It is somewhat possible to get a comeback at the Bernabéu, don't get me wrong. If the team manages to end the first 45 minutes with a 2-0 score, anything can happen. But this performance won't be erased. This Real Madrid match is simply inexcusable, and the players, coaching staff and president should apologize first and then start working to show a much-improved version next Tuesday.

I personally won't care about this tie as much. All I'll want them to do is show they're worth of wearing the white shirt they get paid millions of Euros to wear. Play with intensity. Score goals, and show commitment. And then, we'll start talking about turning the tie around.

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