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Jose Mourinho Vs. Fernando Burgos

In yesterday's press conference, Fernando Burgos exposed that Real Madrid was having some troubles keeping a clean sheet under Diego López. But he didn't know Mourinho had a paper in his pocket.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

In case you don't know, Fernando Burgos is known for being Iker Casillas' friend, and even have a weekly lunch with the Spanish goalkeeper. In his question to Mourinho, Burgos implied that Diego López wasn't having good performances, maybe to give Iker Casillas a hand.

Mourinho calmly reached his pocket and started reading an old article by...yes, Fernando Burgos. The statements he read were: "Real Madrid needs to play with the fittest players, not with the ones with more trophies", and four or five more ideas around that topic. Mourinho also said that "anyone who criticizes the way Diego is playing right now, that's because they don't know a thing about football or they aren't unbiased".

The Portuguese coach ended his answer by saying that "we all know you are not unbiased in your analysis".

It is known by Real Madrid fans living in the Spanish capital that Casillas has a very good relationship with Burgos. Both of them have lunch frequently. And it's obvious that Burgos was trying to say that Diego López wasn't playing well in order to give Casillas a chance and maybe bother Mourinho's work at the club.

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