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Real Sociedad Vs. Real Madrid, La Liga 2013: Prieto Gives European Hopes To Sociedad (3-3)

In a metaphorical summary of Real Madrid's 2012-2013 season, Real Sociedad managed to tie the game in injury time and stay alive in the Champions League race. Diego López saved his team many times but still picked up the ball from his goal in three occasions. Marcelo wore the captain's armband in one of the worst matches he has ever played.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe look like they have plenty to laugh about. They knew they were going to miss the game so they could rightfully afford to relax on the bench, but not their teammates. Real Madrid played carelessly throughout the whole match, and that's because they had nothing to play for. Mourinho put Callejón and Kaká on the wings and a Modric-Khedira-Essien trivote in the midfield. Gonzalo Higuaín played upfront what could've been his second to last game under Real Madrid's jersey.

Spanish newspaper ABC reported today that los blancos will give Marcelo a new contract this summer. If that's to be believed, the chairmen in the board certainly don't expect the Brazilian defender play like he did today. Showing a disturbing overweight again, Marcelo played like this was a friendly game in his neighborhood.

All the focus belongs to Diego López, though. Whoever the next Real Madrid coach is, he needs to count on López. Yes, Casillas is the captain and it will be hard to keep him on the bench, but I simply haven't seen Casillas playing at López's level for quite some years. López might want to leave but he confirmed after the game that competition is good for every team. It would be great for Real Madrid to keep this goalkeeper.

The game itself didn't have much story. Real Sociedad needed to get some points if Valencia was to win, and when they learnt Valverde's team was beating Granada, Griezmann, Agirretxe and Xabi Prieto started to work. Even though Real Sociedad was losing 0-2, they managed to draw the game off a ridiculous Sami Khedira penalty and a good goal by Griezmann. Two minutes later, Khedira flicked the ball over Claudio Bravo after a great assist by Mesut Özil, who joined the game for Callejón some minutes earlier.

Kaká looked quite uncomfortable on the left wing. He might want to stay if Carlo Ancelotti arrives to the Bernabéu, but some Real Madrid fans might think his days as a madridista should be gone for good. Gonzalo Higuaín scored, but he also looks to be on his way to Juventus.

There's only one game remaining in Real Madrid's schedule. A long summer full of transfer talk and rumors about some players' departures will start shortly after if not earlier.

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