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PSG Reportedly Prepare A Bid For Ángel Di María; Higuaín's Move To Juventus Appears Imminent

The Madrid Transfer Curse strikes as a bid comes in for di Maria. In Turin, Juventus get ever-closer to sealing the deal on Gonzalo Higuaín.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

With incentives, he ended up costing Madrid nearly 35 million Euros. But PSG, according to Marca (who are quoting a Portuguese newspaper that they claim has "links to Jorge Mendes"), are preparing a bid of only 25 million for Ángel Di María.

For Madrid, transfers rarely break even over time.

Now it just so happens that Manchester United and Manchester City are also known admirers of Madrid's pacy if inconsistent winger, so this is likely only the first bid in what could end up a protracted fight over who ends up with the player this summer.

Complicating this is the fact that there has also been intermittent talk of the player being used (along with cash) to secure some of Madrid's other transfer targets. The player is certainly prestigious enough to be sold on his own, however.

There seems little doubt at any rate, judging from press coverage, that the player will leave. With a new coach coming in who will want some of his own signings he is one of the few players (Ricardo Carvalho aside - who left yesterday) who is considered an easy sell and an attractive prospect for any number of clubs.

Speaking of players considered attractive by other clubs: in Turin, it appears to be a given that Gonzalo Higuaín will be signed for Juventus for around 25 million as early as next week. As reports that Ernesto Bronzetti is leading the negotiations and expects success - they even, oddly, provide a numerical gauge: 70%. Juventus have been interested for a couple of years in both Madrid's strikers, putting in a bid (refused, naturally) to loan Karim Benzema in January of 2011, and has frequently scouted them. There is no talk of Benzema leaving Madrid however, and they seem set on the Argentine striker.

"Pipita" arrived in Madrid 7 years ago but has never been a board-room favourite and has rarely enjoyed institutional support. It seems this summer is the summer he finally leaves Real Madrid.

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