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Real Madrid Vs. Real Valladolid, La Liga 2013: Madrid Takes It 4-3

Another fine game by Luka Modric and two goals by Cristiano Ronaldo allow Real Madrid to walk away with the three points. Kaká and Di María managed to score as well while Valladolid got three against Diego López.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Once again, Real Madrid needed to concede a goal in the first ten minutes to wake up and start playing properly. Luckily enough, Modric showed once again that he's ready to play in Real Madrid's midfield next season to replace Xabi Alonso. The Croatian player completed a really good game with Sami Khedira as his partner, and he might be ready to play a much more important role next season, depending on who the coach is.

But it was Cristiano Ronaldo the one that found the rhythm for Real Madrid. Di María was able to equalize the game after Valladolid's early goal off a deflection by Marc Valiente. Goalkeeper Jaime couldn't help it. Shortly after, Di María assisted Cristiano Ronaldo and the Portuguese sent the ball to the back of the net with his head. But Valladolid still found a way to score their second goal before halftime.

Kaká is certainly improving his form lately. The Brazilian playmaker even scored Real's third goal after a brilliant play by Karim Benzema. The Cat played quite well but he had a couple of good chances to score that he should've converted. Mourinho then decided to put Özil and Alonso in Di María and Kaká's place. It only took Mesut Özil two minutes to find Ronaldo's head and put the 4-2 in the scoreboard.

Valladolid had a little bit more of fuel in the tank and made things closer with a great goal by Sastre, but Real Madrid didn't even had to waste time to get the three points as Djukic's team couldn't create more danger.

These two weeks until the Copa del Rey Final will be quite long for Real Madrid fans. One can only hope that the players will not get injured before the last important game of the season against Atlético Madrid.

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