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Real Madrid Vs. Osasuna, La Liga 2013: Mourinho Says Good-Bye

Nobody cared about the game, but the verbal war started quite soon. While half of the stadium cheered and waved good-bye to the Portuguese coach, the other half wanted him to leave the club with bad memories. Mourinho decided to play with Jesús, Carvalho, Albiol and some other bench players like Callejón. Özil, Modric, Benzema and Higuaín started as well to give the team some quality.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Callejón played in the right back position and Real Madrid played a decent (not great) game. That's all you need to know about this game. Some players and fans appeared to know this was going to be their last game in the club, and that's why the Ultra Sur insisted so much in cheering Mourinho even though some fans always answered with whistles and boos.

Florentino Pérez said last week that madridistas are united, but this match wasn't the proof.This was a verbal war between the mourinhistas and the antimourinhistas. It seemed fine to say goodbye remebering the good thingsandrecognising the work Mourinho has put in his three years with the club, but some fans didn't give him the pleasure.

Higuaín wore the armband in what probably was his last game in the Spanish capital. He's had some great seasons in this club but he's played bad for months now. Higuaín's European record is simply not enough and Real Madrid will probably move on and try to sign a more reliable striker. Benzema might be in a very similar situation but he'll probably have a couple of more seasons to prove his value worth the wait. Higuaín still scored a goal off a great assist by Di María, but he was relieved instead of being happy. That probably means his departure will be confirmed quite soon.

Di María still struggled, probably bothered about the rumors concerning his future. He's not had a good season, that's for sure, but he's a valuable asset and his presence in the 2013-2014 Real Madrid should be considered seriously.

Essien's last game in this club ended with a goal off a corner kick dedicated to his daddy Mou. It was beautiful to see Essien doing this. His contribution during his loan deal has been quite successful, being a good replacement for Lass Diarrá. He's had up and downs but he always gave his best for the badge.

Unfortunately for him, Jesús Fernández couldn't keep a clean sheet after a good goal by Torres. One way or another, Jesús will have to wait a lot until his next game protecting Real's goal if Diego López is to stay. Osasuna even managed to tie the game up with a good goal by Cejudo.

Benzema soon scored Real's third goal thanks to a brilliant control of the ball. Castilla midfielder Omar had the chance to make his debut when Mourinho decided to replace Mesut Özil. Fran Llorente also made his debut replacing Arbeloa. Llorente is an interesting prospect playing for Real Madrid C.

The Ultra Sur showed a banner with "Mourinho thanks for fighting through thick and thin" as a motto in the final minutes of the game. Some rows above that banner, a "Mou we love you" one was also shown.

Real Madrid wrapped the game up with a brilliant counter-attack driven by Gonzalo Higuaín's pace and a good assist by Benzema. Callejón finished the play and kiss the badge as he always does. A good recap of Mourinho's three seasons with the club.

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