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Florentino Pérez Should Name The Coach Soon

Real Madrid's President is still conceding interviews to a good number of Spanish media to not reveal a single thing. Florentino keeps saying that there's a lot of time before the transfer window closes but he's clearly not thinking in the benefits of a complete preseason with a coach and the whole roster.

Alex Livesey

If PSG is not finding a new manager and they want 4M€ before releasing Ancelotti, Florentino Pérez should've already paid. Yes, that's a lot of money that could be invested in some other players, but Pérez did it before with Pellegrini and Mourinho. PSG is clearly dominating the negotiation, since Ancelotti is under contract, and it is Real Madrid's move now.

Instead, Florentino insists on "other candidates" to coach the team, but Heynckes announced he will not be coaching this season and the rest of potential managers are not what Real Madrid needs at this point.

Florentino Pérez paid 65M€ for Kaká. Is he really nit-picking 4M€? He probably wasn't paying attention when Luka Modric had to miss the whole preseason last year and arrived in bad shape to Madrid. The same could happen this summer with some of the potential signings Real Madrid might consider. The players will need to join the squad on July 15th, and the best-case scenario would be to have the roster closed by that time.

We still have to see Higuaín leave and find a replacement for him. Real Madrid has announced the signings of Casemiro and Carvajal only because the clauses in their contracts were expiring soon. And Real Madrid needs some more signings, that's for sure.

If Ancelotti is going to be Real's coach, Florentino Pérez should ask him his shopping list. Those negotiations will probably be longer than the one with PSG for the Italian coach, so Real Madrid could start them already. Everything but Luka Modric's signing was fast under Jose Mourinho, and that's something Florentino Pérez should've learnt.

Instead, we find ourselves with a President that keeps saying that there's a long way to go until August 31st. Yes, Florentino, we know what a schedule looks like.

Zidane's position should be announced and the coach should come immediately after. One month to complete all signings might be not enough.

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