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Press Recap From the Bernabéu And Delivery Of The Open Letter

Managing Madrid was present in Mourinho's last match at the Bernabéu. We took some pictures and also had the chance to deliver the open letter to one of Real Madrid's men in the Communication Department, Juan Camilo Andrade.

Gonzalo Higuaín confirming his departure
Gonzalo Higuaín confirming his departure
Lucas Navarrete

You can activate the Subtitles in the following video to read the transcription of what Higuaín answered when I asked him about the fans.

Carlos Carbajosa, one of the bosses of the Communication Department, talked with someone on the phone and took Higuaín out of that zone, maybe bothered by Pipita's words. That could've cost Real Madrid some millions in the negotiation with Juventus.

Higuaín was visibly affected and almost cried while explaining his decision.

We also had the chance to deliver the signed open letter to Camilo Andrade. He said that Mourinho will like the letter a lot and should give it to the Portuguese coach this Monday.

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