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Report: Cristiano Ronaldo To Meet With Officials At Old Trafford In The Coming Days

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Carlo Ancelotti's first major headache? Reports are surfacing through ESPN (via El Pais) that Ronaldo will meet with Manchester United officials about a possible return to the reigning English champions.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

It's certainly silly season with regard to rumors--but as mentioned ESPN and others are running with this report, so I feel obligated to at least pass it on to the Managing Madrid community.

The report states that 'in the next few days' CR7 will engage in talks with Old Trafford brass to "ascertain the feasibility of a move."

Sorry for the short post. I find this unlikely, but still a little ominous. It seemed that Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement coupled with Jose Mourinho's departure would definitely have facilitated a contract extension at Madrid for Cristiano.

Should we be scared?