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José Mourinho: "Cristiano Ronaldo Might Think He Knows Everything"

Punto Pelota aired their interview with José Mourinho on Tuesday, even though it was recorded before the game against Osasuna. Mourinho has some words for Pepe, Cristiano Ronaldo and the press.

Jasper Juinen

Mourinho wanted to make things clear before his signing with Chelsea, and he finally spoke the truth about Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe and the press. All credit goes to Josep Pedrerol for this fantastic interview some hours before the match against Osasuna.

Cristiano has done three fantastic seasons, all of them with me as his coach. I don't know if these seasons have been the best of his career because his last one in Manchester was also superb, maybe he could speak about that. We found a nice tactical system to get him goals, and I only had one problem with him, a tactical problem. He didn't accept my words, maybe he knows everything and no coach can help him. But no problem. He didn't play these last two games but I trust the players' words when they say they're injured.

Something was happening around these two men. Whether it was a matter of egos (most likely) or the tactical comment was the real issue, we'll never know. But it seems quite clear that Ronaldo didn't want to play the last two matches, since he trained with Portugal these past two days.

About the players:

I don't need to thank the, nor I need the club to thank me because we get paid to do our jobs.

Mourinho also had some words about Pepe:

I don't know whether he betrayed me or not, that's a fine question that you should ask him. He's been with one foot out of Real Madrid and I brought him in many times, I helped to give him a good contract to stay here and he's been out of the team with an injury. A kid that is 10, 11 or 12 years younger has started to play and this kid deserved to play, and I think Pepe has not handled this situation right. And suddenly, all the people that called him a murderer and the worst of things start to protect him. I'm glad for him, he's a fine player for Real Madrid and he deserves the support he's receiving.

Finally, he spoke about Ancelotti. Marca called him a "pacificador" or peacemaker. For Mourinho, that's not a good word to use:

If one day they call me that while I'm still coaching that would be an insult. Carlo deserves everything but to be insulted before his arrival, and I hope he gets the support he deserves. Ancelotti or whoever comes. The next coach will be able to tell you how he found the club, the files in the computer and everything, because we have not put a virus on them. They stay the same way we left them.

Some good words about Real Madrid as well:

My career would've had no sense without coaching this club. I'm proud of that.

To conclude, Mourinho has some words to thank his family:

I had a family full of champions. They've been moving from town to town because of me in such difficult ages for the kids. If they weren't champions, I would not be able to have this career. That's why we're champions.

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