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Kaka' Faces Another Resurrection

Even though this might seem ridiculous for some Real Madrid fans, Kaka' will have yet another chance to prove his value this season. The Brazilian player has been in Real Madrid for four seasons but never lived up to his potential nor the 65M€ transfer fee that Florentino Pérez paid to AC Milan.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

How many times has Kaka' resurrected? How many times have Real Madrid fans read that kind of headline in Marca and As' pages? They better not be tired, because Florentino Pérez spoke to Marca in Colombia and confirmed his hopes of seeing Kaka' resurrect yet again under the leadership of Carlo Ancelotti.

Even though Kaka' gets more than 10M€ per year out of the club, it is fair to point out that some of Real Madrid's biggest partnership deals have been easy to get because of his presence in the roster, and every time the team goes to the United States or Asia, Kaka' is one of the most cheered players in the team alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos. Believe it or not, neither Mesut Özil nor Ángel Di María or Sami Khedira -whose transfers were cheaper and much more effective for the club- get as much love as Kaka', and that's something Florentino Pérez always takes into consideration.

Real Madrid is a football club, but it is also a big enterprise that must take care of its financial status. And that's why Kaka' is still on the team. And once you have him on the roster, you probably want to use Kaka' to give some key starters a much needed rest. That would be fine. The problem comes when the coach has the temptation of giving him minutes in some important match. Mourinho, for example, put him on the pitch in the extra time against Bayern Munich two seasons ago, in what arguably was Kaka's most shameful performance in his four seasons under Real Madrid's jersey.

And with Carlo Ancelotti's arrival, Real Madrid will have the coach that made Kaka' a Ballon D'Or and FIFA World Player winner, so Ancelotti will likely have that temptation again. Maybe the Italian coach will know how to use Kaka', but that doesn't seem very likely, because the Brazilian player is simply not a brilliant player anymore. Yes, he can play against teams like Getafe at the Bernabéu and still perform well, but he's simply not ready to play in Real Madrid's most important games.

"I still believe in Kaka's recovery" -Florentino Pérez to Marca

Furthermore, Real Madrid just completed Isco's transfer. As we stated in the tactical analysis of his game, Isco could play both in the wings and in the center. It would be dumb for Real Madrid to cut Isco's progression to give Kaka' another chance after four seasons of failures. And Özil will probably be the starter in the Attacking Midfielder position -if Ancelotti keeps playing with the 4-2-3-1 formation Mourinho used-.

That's why it could be healthier for Real Madrid to just let Kaka' go. Yes, he might bring some revenues to the Bernabéu with his Adidas partnership, but his 10M€ salary could be used to give Cristiano Ronaldo and Xabi Alonso a new and deserved contract. Alonso might not be the same player he was a couple of seasons ago, but his good understanding of the game could help Real Madrid's youngsters develop. José Rodríguez, Casemiro and Illarramendi could learn a lot from him, and it is always important to have some veteran players in the dressing room.

Kaka' had four seasons to adapt to La Liga BBVA and the team. He failed. But he's one of Florentino Pérez's men and he will likely have at least one more shot under Ancelotti. Mainly because there are few teams willing to make that kind of a gamble with his contract at this point, but also because Florentino Pérez believes Real Madrid is a company. That thought saved Real Madrid from bankruptcy in his first term as Real Madrid's President and allowed the club to be one of the most succesful sport teams in the world. That's why the fans still trust in Florentino Pérez and his plan for Kaka'.

But, what if Kaka' fails again? Will he get another chance?

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