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Carlo Ancelotti: "Kaka' Wants To Do Better"

Real Madrid's coach spoke in press conference one day before the team's first preseason game against Bournemouth. Ancelotti was loyal to his own style and didn't give many headlines. Still, he talked about Kaka', Higuaín, Bale, and how the roster has started the preseason.

Denis Doyle

Ancelotti spoke in Valdebebas' Press Room prior of Real Madrid's first preseason match against Bournemouth (Sunday, 20:45 CET). The Italian coach started his press conference as expected, wishing a quick and full recovery to his colleague Tito Vilanova.

Then, the journalists started asking him questions about Kaka'. Ancelotti said the following about the Brazilian player:

Kaka' is a Real Madrid player. He wants to do better and he's working really well. He's very motivated for the season ahead. He also knows he has to do better.

So yes, as everybody expected, Kaka' will stay one more season in Real Madrid. Ancelotti had to deal with one question about Bale, of course:

Bale is under contract with Tottenham, and because of that, we shouldn't speak about him in order to show respect to the players that are working really well here.

When he was asked about the players' preseason so far, Ancelotti stated that he's really happy with the atmosphere in the dressing room. The journalists asked him about the player that surprised him the most:

Yes, we've started the right way. It's always good to start the preseason this way. We're working really well although the players are a bit tired now. I honestly didn't know Carvajal, and that's why he's surprised me. He has a lot of intensity and he's a very good right back. I knew the rest of the players well and that's why they didn't surprise me much.

Casillas and Ramos visited Valdebebas early this week. Both of them spoke briefly with Carlo:

I told them that it was very nice to come 15 days before their scheduled arrival, and then they told me that they were here just to say hello. No, really, it's been good to meet them, they are looking forward to start their preseason after the match against PSG.

Ancelotti had to speak about his tactical system as well:

It is simple. I want 11 players that attack when we have the ball and 11 players that defend when we don't. But I said in my first press conference that I want us to play a very spectacular football and that's what we're working for.

And more transfer talk to deal with:

I spoke with Coentrao. He has a lot of quality and he's a very good leftback, that's why I'm happy to have him. There are a lot of games to be played. About Higuaín, I'm also happy that he's here. Ibrahimovic is a PSG player and thus we cannot talk about how he'd fit in this team.

Finally, Ancelotti explained his plan for tomorrow's match:

There are no friendly games for Real Madrid, everyone will play 45 minutes and we'll do our best.

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