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'Corriere Dello Sport': Real Madrid and Napoli Agree 35M€ for Higuaín

Italian newspaper 'Corriere Dello Sport' has this report on its cover this Sunday. According to this newspaper, Real Madrid and Napoli would have agreed a 35M€ transfer fee for Gonzalo Higuaín.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Gonzalo Higuaín could be leaving Real Madrid soon. According to Italian newspaper 'Corriere Dello Sport', Real Madrid has finally accepted the 35M€ offer made by Napoli. Those 35M€ would be considerably more appealing for Real Madrid than the 27M€ Arsenal was willing to pay to get Higuaín.

Corriere reports that Higuaín would still have to accept Napoli's contract. It seems that Arsenal was willing to give him 6M€ per year, while Napoli's offer would give him 5M€. Furthermore, Higuaín would like to gain full control to his image rights in order to get all the money from his sponsors, but Napoli want to split this incomes just like Higuaín is doing in Real Madrid.

Higuaín will likely participate in Real Madrid's first preseason match this Sunday against Bournemouth. This could be Higuaín's last game under Real Madrid's uniform. Remember Gonzalo Higuaín stated he wanted a way out of the club after Real Madrid closed the season against Osasuna.

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