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Real Madrid's Second Training in Los Angeles

Real Madrid continued their preseason training early Tuesday morning, as Ancelotti put the goalkeepers and a number of players through their paces.

Real Madrid's Early Morning Training on Tuesday
Real Madrid's Early Morning Training on Tuesday
Jared Dublin

Ancelotti was joined by a small contingent of players at the beginning of Real Madrid's 10am training session. The Italian manager brought Iker Casillas and the shot-stoppers out for their usual routine with new goalkeeper coach Villiam Vecchi.

Check out this video of Casillas with goalkeeper coach Vecchi: Iker Casillas at Training

While Vecchi put Casillas and Diego Lopez through a number of agility drills, Ancelotti watched over a small group of ten Madrid players including the likes of Ramos, Alonso, Arbeloa, Casemiro, Marcelo, Morata, and a few youngsters. The small group started training with a small game of keep-away, with players in the middle providing pressure in the small area of play.

After the players warmed up with keep-away, Ancelotti reverted to a number of passing drills. First, the small squad was split into three groups and placed at the three corners of a triangle. The players worked on their passing with two touches, one to control and the second touch to release the ball. As would be expected, Alonso's crisp passing was on display in this small training exercise.

The group then moved to one-touch, increasing the tempo and pace. Coaches would indicate when to change the direction of the passing, which added an extra dimension of difficulty to this one-touch passing drill. Although Ramos' one-touch passing did not look as firm and steady as usual, Ancelotti will not be too concerned as the Spanish international has proven to be one of the top ball-playing and passing centre-backs in Europe.

The rest of Los Blancos' early morning training was closed to the press, but stay tuned to Managing Madrid for more breaking news and analysis LIVE from Los Angeles.

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