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Transfer Gossip: Luka Modric & Mesut Özil To Manchester United In Today's Bernabeu Bites

Scandal-mongering FIFA agents and ESPN bloggers create some rumour-mongering mischief online as the Bernabeu Bites review today's light-gossip.

They can't believe it either
They can't believe it either
Dean Mouhtaropoulos

It's not very likely in either case, but today's wild and unlikely transfer rumours centre around two of our midfielders.

In the first story, FIFA agent Francois Gallardo is back on Punto Pelota peddling a transfer story he was telling last month. That time he claimed an offer would come in from "one of the Manchester clubs" for "a midfielder" for "35 million" and revealed it to be Mesut Özil. Shockingly, this offer did not seem to materialize over that next week. But ever the optimist, Gallardo went back on Punto Pelota to say the offer would definitely be coming on Thursday. From Manchester United and 45-50 million (in pounds sterling!) this time.

Managing Madrid would advise readers not to hold their breaths on this bit of gossip (or on the next, for that matter). While Manchester United have always been interested in Özil the story comes from a discredited, rumour-mongering source with a taste for amateur dramatics. The rumour is not entirely outrageous on its face, but a better source would be appreciated.

The second piece of gossip is perhaps even funnier, comes to us via an ESPN blog written by a known Manchester United supporter and involves Luka Modric, a player who has been tripping the light fantastic this preseason. Normally such a piece would not be taken seriously, but in this case the headline is very interesting: "United Officials In Madrid To Discuss Modric."

Such an impressive headline surely has something to back it. Unfortunately, in this case the article is quite innocent of anything like proof. And suspiciously, the claim that United's agents are in Madrid is only in the title, not in the piece.

No reputable newspaper or news outlet is running with this transfer rumour today.

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