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Raúl Gets Warm Farewell, Jesé Shines In Madrid's 5-0 Win

Raúl González Blanco got the testimonial he deserved. A goal and an standing ovation for Real Madrid's former number 7.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Raúl managed to score Real Madrid's first goal against Al-Saad. He played for Ancelotti's team during the whole first half and got a couple of more chances to increase his stat sheet. Only Casemiro and Nacho played throughout the whole match.

Diego López and Casillas got both cheered and booed as well in a quite ridiculous situation. There is a 'civil-war' going inside Real Madrid's fan base. Some of the fans think that Diego López should be Real's goalkeeper while others believe Iker Casillas is too big to leave him on the bench. One way or another, Carlo Ancelotti will have to make a really tough decision for the next game in Granada.

Jesé scored two goals and showed how better he is in comparison to Álvaro Morata. If Bale signs for Real Madrid though, it will be Jesé the one that will likely leave on a loan deal. Benzema got his goal from the penalty spot and Isco scored his second header in a row.

The first half was nothing special. Cristiano Ronaldo wore Real Madrid's number 11 and Casillas delivered Real's armband to Raúl, after which he got cheered by the Bernabéu. Raúl had a nice time and even scored Real Madrid's first and only goal in the first half.

Raúl clearly deserved this testimonial match. He was a really good player for 16 seasons and will be remembered as one of the best academy products that ever played under Real Madrid's shirt.

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