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Report: Cristiano Ronaldo Sends Signals To Old Trafford About Return As Early As Next Summer

The Guardian are currently leading with a report that says Cristiano Ronaldo has sent messages through various backchannels confirming that he would indeed like to return to Old Trafford at some point in the (possibly near) future.

Christian Petersen

The report does not contain any direct quotes from Ronaldo or his agent Jorge Mendes, so make of that what you will. It does however contain some interesting pieces of information, such as the fact that Manchester United have taken great pains to perpetuate their strong ties with Mendes even after Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement, as the venerated boss and the Portuguese superagent were said to be quite fond of each other.

The other thought provoking section deals with the fascinating psychological implications of United's decision to ensure that CR7 was introduced last in Manchester during the two club's Champions League clash.  This decision, allegedly Ferguson's idea, was intended to:

"have two purposes, one being to remind their former player of his enduring popularity in Manchester at a time when senior United figures had already started delving into his position at the Bernabéu."

I personally respect the Guardian, but I also believe that this report could be viewed as somewhat of a stretch. That said--I do believe it worth sharing so that you all can make your decisions about its validity (or lack thereof).

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