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Real Madrid, Granada Have Deal For Guilherme Siquiera If Coentrao Leaves: Bernabéu Bites 08.29.2013

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'Marca' reports a deal between Granada and Real Madrid for the signing of leftback Guilherme Siqueira if Fàbio Coentrao finds a team before the transfer deadline.

Denis Doyle
  • Fàbio Coentrao is on his way out of the club, apparently. He is training with the rest of his teammates but he hasn't been involved in any match since the preseason stage in the States ended. Marca understands that Granada and Real Madrid have a deal in place for Guilherme Siqueira if Coentrao leaves Real. The announcement will be made as soon as Coentrao leaves, according to their report.
  • Modric, Illarramendi, Varane, Nacho, Alonso and Ramos won't travel to Galicia to play that match. This match will likely be another battle between Jesé and Morata to earn the reserve striker spot in Ancelotti's plans.
  • We'll have an Open Thread for today's Champions League Draw up shortly.

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