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LIVE: Carlo Ancelotti's Post-Match Press Conference

Real Madrid turned in a solid first-half performance on Saturday night, beating Roberto Martinez's Everton by a scoreline of 2-1. Goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and Ozil sealed the win for Los Blancos. After the match, Ancelotti answered questions from the media.

Carlo Ancelotti's Post-Match Press Conference at Dodger Stadium
Carlo Ancelotti's Post-Match Press Conference at Dodger Stadium
Jared Dublin

Ancelotti fielded questions about the squad's depth at the striker position, what he's looking for from his two central midfielders, and the creative roles of Isco and Ozil.

When asked about Kaka playing in a central striking role once again, the Italian manager praised the qualities of Jese, who showed flashes of his skill on the ball and in the final third. Ancelotti mentioned that they "have enough" quality upfront with the current squad.

The new Madrid manager answered my question at today's post-match press conference. I asked, "With Modric, Khedira, Casemiro, Alonso, and Illarra able to play in the center of midfield, what qualities are you looking for from the two players in the center of the pitch?

Ancelotti replied by saying, "The qualities, personality in the position. It is very important in this position to give balance to the team. You need to have good quality from the passes, and defensively intelligent... to give balance to the team."

With Bale looking set to join Los Blancos this summer, it remains to be seen where exactly the Welshman will play in Ancelotti's free-flowing 4-4-2 system. When asked about a possible duel between Isco and Ozil for the creature role in the team, the Madrid manager replied by saying that it is not a duel or competition. He made sure to note that "Ozil plays on the right, and Isco on the left," and that they are both important creators that will feed the strikers.

Ancelotti's current system employs two central midfielders, with Isco on the left, Ozil on the right, Ronaldo upfront but drifting wide left, and Benzema as the central striker. If Bale signs for Real Madrid this summer, one of these attacking players will have to be sacrificed. Unless Ancelotti reverts back to a 4-3-2-1, with Alonso surrounded by Isco and Ozil with a front trio of Ronaldo-Benzema-Bale, someone will see a significant drop in their playing time. And what does this mean for Di Maria as well?

The Madrid manager seems more than satisfied with his current squad, but we will have to wait and see what happens as further speculation continues surrounding Bale's probable move to Madrid.

Check out Carlo Ancelotti's full-length post-match press conference (2 parts):

Carlo Ancelotti Post-Match Press Conference Part 1

Carlo Ancelotti Post-Match Press Conference Part 2

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