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LIVE: Cristiano Ronaldo Answers Our Question in Press Conference

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo answered questions from the media on Sunday at UCLA. The Portuguese superstar addressed the current status of his contract negotiations, the possibility of Bale's world record transfer, and his positioning on the pitch under new manager Carlo Ancelotti.

Cristiano Ronaldo Addresses the Media at UCLA
Cristiano Ronaldo Addresses the Media at UCLA
Angelica Oro

Ronaldo touched on multiple topics in his press conference on Sunday night. Click here to see the LIVE video of
Cristiano Ronaldo's full-length press conference (Spanish and English):


Cristiano Ronaldo Press Conference

When asked about his contract negotiations, the Real Madrid No. 7 made it clear that "no, still there is not a solution to this situation. And I will not talk about it because it is not an opportune moment." With the speculation fueling about Bale, Madridistas are still focused on the renewal of their star goalscorer and attacking talisman.

Although he did not confirm that he would retire at Real Madrid as stated by President Perez, Ronaldo stressed that "I just do my job, like I always do all the year. My future? I don't know. In this moment, I'm a player of Madrid and the future I really don't know. Let's see what will happen. But at the moment, I'm good where I am."

Ronaldo was also asked to comment on Gareth Bale and his potential record-breaking transfer to Real Madrid. The Portuguese winger made it clear that "I'm not the right person to say if he deserves that money, or if it's a good deal or not... I'm not going to speak about other players, sorry."

Cristiano Ronaldo answered my question on Sunday. I asked, "With Mourinho we saw you play wide left, and this preseason we're seing you on the left as well, but a little more central playing with a striker. How is the transition to a slightly different formation, a looser system with Ancelotti?

The Madrid star replied by saying, "I think the coach uses different strategies, different positions for some players. I think this is the moment that we really have to do that, to try different positions, a new system. For me it is good to try different positions, maybe for the future. But I feel comfortable. The coach gives me the possibility to play where I like to play, so I'm very comfortable about that. And let's see, let's see which strategy he's going to use more during the season. But I'm always comfortable. Doesn't matter which position I play, I just want to play and help the team. That's it."

Ronaldo looks to be relishing in this slightly more free role under Ancelotti, where he can drift out wide left and also conserve energy with Isco tracking back defensively down the left wing. Mourinho did get the best out of Madrid's No. 7 positioning him as a goalscoring left-winger in a rather rigid 4-2-3-1 formation, but this change in system could possibly pay bigger dividends for Los Blancos as they push for the elusive La Decima.

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